Packaging and logistics solutions

Standard or individual ...... ..... we manufacture packaging with the highest precision for safe transport and integration into automated warehousing, logistics and manufacturing processes.

  • Transporttrays
  • Sorting and intermediate layers
  • Stacking pallets
  • workpiece carrier (also double walled) 
  • covers and protective packaging

Thermoforming machines

We have the following machinery

3 plate machines
* up to 12 mm output thickness
* max mold surface 2000 x 1000mm
* max. foming depth 600mm
* with surface structure /grain
* electrically conductive, ESD
* antistatic
* accurate positioning of workpieces for handling systems
* resistant to aggressive filling materials
* recycable

6 reel machines
* up to 2,5 mm sheet thickness
* max. product size 756 x 565mm, forming depth up to 120mm